MedFile Historias Clinicas


Manage the medical history of the patients of your center


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MedFile offers an efficient solution for those that need complete management software for medical centers.

The main function of MedFile is the control on the clinical history of the patients, for that the program creates a complete database with all the information you want to enter, even including evolution graphs or image files coming from scanners or video captures.

MedFile Historias Clínicas allows the user to prepare measured prescriptions, being able to print them if you need to.

To ease its use between the medical team of the same center, MedFile allows each one of its users to have their own shift agenda that can be managed by the administrative personal of the hospital.

With MedFile you will obtain, in just a few clicks, all the necessary information on any patient, converting itself into an essential tool to speed up the administrative work in any center.

The trial version of MedFile Historias Clínicas is limited to 10 patients and 2 users.

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